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Chadwicks Attempt To Save The Planet By Helping You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

We have introduced a scheme where our loyal customers can collect storage tubs from us at Chadwick’s in order to store the meat they buy more hygienically and effectively.

How it works is you collect five stamps on your loyalty card from five visits and if you wish to sign up you are given a number of various storage tubs. When you shop at Chadwick’s you bring the storage tubs in-store with you and we wrap the meats in our grease proof paper and place them in the tub.

The tubs are washable and re-usable and will not only reduce our usage of plastics but it will also reduce your refuse collection needs.

We calculate that each household could save at least 1 bag of refuse a week by using the above process when shopping not just with us but with other local shops also.

That is a potential of a minimum 52 bags of rubbish a year for your household alone and if all of our customers joined the scheme that would be 52,000 – 75,000 bags of rubbish less a year our council would have to collect and dispose of, a potential 500 – 1000 tons of rubbish less to collect each year; so come on and join our scheme and help us help you save the planet and reduce the need for packaging.

  • July 10th, 2012