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Why our farmer Howard produces award winning free range bronze turkeys & geese for the Christmas & Thanksgiving table

Howard is the owner of the rare breed meat company and his farm in Essex has produced the finest turkeys and geese since 1983; Howard hand picks the best possible birds from his flocks especially for Chadwick’s Butchers. Howard is a member of the Anglican Turkey Association, the Goose Producers Association  and the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey association all of which demand a strict code of practice relating to welfare, feed quality and legislation. Farmers are monitored frequently by the organisations to ensure that they adhere to the very highest standards.

Howards turkeys won the prestigious ‘Best Turkey’ in the Annual Anglican Turkey Association show. We at Chadwick’s have visited the farm to ensure that the birds and animals reared achieve all the standards of traditional animal husbandry demanded by our customers.

Watch our website for our announcement of our tasting days in September, October & November when you will be able to order and taste just how excellently succulent and juicy the turkeys are.

The geese howard grows are free to wander around the orchards that surround the farm. Howard uses traditional animal husbandry methods and the feed used never contains artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. The geese are slow grown and left to their own social groups.

The gloucester old spot pigs are reared in their own social family groups and  are free to forage amongst the acorn trees. Howard produces a succulent pork that is traditional in flavour and excellent in tenderness and quality.

  • July 26th, 2012