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Since we launched our new website myself and my daughter (Carlie) have been Tweeting for our Butchers Shop.


This to me was all new and I had a few classes from my daughter to let me know what I should be doing. I have to say the response has been amazing. We have been live on twitter now for 3 weeks and we already have 300+ followers!

Through twitter we have been in contact with a lot of local Business around the Balham Area and even had a small stall at The Balham Bowls Club for The Pop Up Emporium.

We have created some Halloween Spooky Sausages and on Saturday we had Trick Or Treat Day where we handed out little bags of Treats to our Customers children.

All of this I have been posting on Twitter and we have had many ‘Retweets’ and a lot of new interest in the shop. For this I would like to thank all of our followers and ask them to keep on retweeting!

Gary Chadwick

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