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The ABC News (Australia) horse meat scandal interview

After reading my blog about the horse meat scandal, ABC Australia requested an interview with me about the subject. They wanted to know the impact on our business and what myself and my customers thought about the subject.

Of course being on Australian TV I could ‘let rip’ (sorry about that couldn’t help myself) so I was open and honest with them and told them exactly what I had already said in my blogs.

Also, when asked what I thought of the complex food chains created by our supermarkets and big production companies I added that they are similar to the fraudster that moves his money around from account to account around the world so that the police can never trace its source! Sound familiar? I’m sure if Al Capone was about today he would be selling horse meat on a global scale through his ‘legit fronts’. I can hear the Godfather arguing with the mafioso as to why they had missed such a golden opportunity?

What we need is our very own group of ‘Untouchables’ led by Elliot Ness kicking doors down and arresting all the ‘Horse meat traders’ to clean up the city! Not likely!

I doubt the FSA (Food Standards Agency) has the stomach for such a battle, they have already ‘wimped out’ and will probably award all the horse meat traders a nice fat government grant (poor innocent horse traders).

That is why I am calling for Public Inquiry in to the whole scandal before it is brushed under the carpet and forgotton and the public is left worse off with higher prices and richer supermarket owners who will justify the price hikes and buy another bigger yacht.


  • February 27th, 2013