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Horse Meat not a Health issue!

The FSA and the government have claimed that the current ‘horse meat scandal’ is not a health issue but one of trust! How can they be so sure? For me, this is another government ‘smokescreen’ to protect the FSA and the government from criticism. Why do the government say white when it is clearly black; perhaps they are all in awe of Paul Eddington who played the Rt Honourable Jim Hacker MP and his side kick Sir Humphrey Appleby played by Nigel Hawthorne in ‘Yes minister’.

Even though the Irish animal protection society has informed the government that many thousands of horses, that are unfit for human consumption, with false passports, have been exported from Ireland to the UK for slaughter and integration into the UK food chain! The Government officials keep repeating the mantra ‘it’s not a safety issue, it’s not a safety issue!’ hoping eventually like Homer Simpson, in one of his comical adventures, joined a religious cult. When the cult leaders found that their system of brainwashing failed to work on Homer they just sang to the batman beat “ne ne ne ne ne ne ne Leader!” and repeated it a few times until he was mesmerised and loved the leader. Perhaps the government officials should chant ‘ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne not an issue’ and we all might fall for it.

It really beggars belief that big business in the UK has been allowed to violate our rights and like the banks, get away with it. Too many denials from the retailers such as Tesco’s and that of the big production companies such as Findus foods. Like ¬†Arthur Daley and Terry McCann from the series Minder shouts of “not me guv” or similar to that of the pop star Shaggy ‘It wasn’t me’. Perhaps our leaders think we don’t have any keys?

Of course all the chief execs are all appalled on our behalf whilst sitting in their plush offices in their ¬£5,000.00 plus swanky suits just waiting for the next big bonus to drop into their bank account so they can keep up with the Abramoviche’s & Gates’s in their neighbourhood and order the latest yacht for the mooring at the back of the Mansion.

It must really play on the conscience of those poor retailing execs to profit from selling all that horse meat to the poor unsuspecting public claiming ‘we was duped too, honest guv’. We all wondered whatever happened to Shergar, now we know. Perhaps, we should all feel some sympathy for those poor execs as after all profits will be squeezed now no horse meat is allowed! Oh well, never mind, they can always take a couple of days off on their new latest yacht.



  • February 20th, 2013