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The Horse-meat scandal – We have always had a policy for carcase meat only

At Chadwick’s we do not accept any meats that are not in carcase form which is why we can guarantee that our meat is of the highest quality whether it’s beef, lamb or any other species. Our beef, lamb, chicken and pork all come with a certificate and passport and we can trace it all the way back to birth (they are on view in the shop). On top of that the high standards of animal husbandry employed by our farmers make our products truly memorable when eaten.

Unfortunately, after the horse-meat scandal we can no longer trust the big operators despite the best efforts of their multi-million pound marketing machines. Tesco’s have announced that they will only buy meat from British farms; this is still no guarantee that you will get what you want to buy.

Whilst there are unscrupulous managers and owners and/or squeezed producers trying to make a quick buck; you will always have a problem and the food chain will be compromised some where along the line.

For instance, we still have the problem of Irish horses entering the UK market with false passports and god knows what else is still entering the system; this is largely being ignored by the authorities. So buying British is not a guarantee. Also, goat and other species are not being tested for and that worries me that they may be in the food chain. We need comprehensive tests for all species to insure the clarity of the food sold to the unsuspecting public. Anyone that thinks the people responsible for the horse-meat scandal will stop at horse-meat are nieve indeed.

The only real way to guarantee that ‘what you get will be what you want’ is to shop at a high quality small independent like ourselves; Chadwick’s butchers. Our main drivers have never been profit based, but a love of a trade we grew up in, our determination to become the very best butchers in the UK and admiration and love for the community we live in; these are our drivers. If only the supermarkets worked towards similar aims; John Lennon would be singing in his grave.



  • February 28th, 2013