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Down-sizing mars bars, and those ‘sweet talking’ liars!

Down-sizing is the supermarkets and big manufacturers tool to reduce the price you pay for your products so you still think you might be getting a good deal whilst they are really hiking up the price.

For instance, mars UK has recently reduced the size of its mars and snicker bars by 7.2% whilst the price stays between 37p – 41p. (62.5g-58g). The is an above inflation price increase; when confronted a mars spokesperson cheekily said they was helping tackle the nations obesity; ‘Do me a favour’! Finally they then blamed rising costs; which at least is understandable and believable.

Lets face it, if mars UK are really concerned about obesity, then why don’t they put health warnings on their bars? Personally, I would hate to see  a health warning on a bar of chocolate, after all we don’t have many pleasures left that are not ‘ subject to health and safety paraphernalia, cancer threats or ‘just not good for you’.

I think as adults we can all work it out that if we eat a mars bar every time we ‘work rest and play’ then we may end up looking like ‘bluey’.(remember the Australian detective program we use to watch? He would chase someone half his age and size and always get his man. He did have plenty of reserves)

Nevertheless, price increasing via ‘back door’ sneaky actions such as down-sizing; I find completely dishonest and gives me good cause not to trust that particular manufacturer or supermarket.

Afterall, If you went in a Tesco store and bought a loaf tomorrow and at the checkout they took 2 slices out you’d be furious! At best you would give them piece of your mind and at worst they would have to cart you of to the ‘funny farm’ where you may never be seen again!

You can be assured at Chadwick’s Butchers that ‘no carting off’ will ever take place as we never reduce the size of our products and a pound of sausages today will still be a pound of sausages next year and the year after; as for the mars bar though, it is well on its way to being a mouthful.

  • April 18th, 2013