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Being an Independent Butcher in the Q-Guild of butchers

An idependant butchers life can be a tough one as you have to carry out every role in your business. For instance, you have to be the marketing manager, general management, complete orders, organize staff, manage the health of the business, create product lists, carry out staff training and so on; the list of tasks is endless. Many of us also work with our family; brothers, wives, daughters, nieces, nephews and so on. Family working together can be brilliant when it works but a nightmare to manage when it doesn’t.

Therefore, to be a member of the ‘Q-Guild of butchers’ is really helpful as you can meet people who will try to help you solve your problems or overcome your obstacles through sharing of methods & ideas and offering good advice. I have mentioned before in my blog the ‘Q-Guild of Butchers’ is an organisation of the best UK independent butchers. Recently, with the help of the Q-Guild, we were able to source a more sustainable product.

I am proud to say that Chadwick’s are a Q-Guild butchers as very few butchers in the UK have such an honor. We are all excited for the future of the Q-Guild of butchers as we are currently deciding new strategies to make consumers aware of our presence. We want more and more people to understand what values the ‘Q-Guild of butchers’ embraces and who we are.

  • June 26th, 2013