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The Q guild of Butchers-What does it stand for?

As a member of the Q Guild of butchers I believe it is my duty to explain; who they are? as most of you will not have even heard of them.

Throughout the UK there are probably 200-300 quality butchers that provide the standards of quality and service to the public that Chadwick’s applies. The very best of those butchers are awarded the ‘Q Guild of butchers award’. The Q guild consists of approximately 140 of the UK’s very best butchers. Only the very best will be admitted as a member and you have to pass a rigourous audit to be accepted.

Q guild members meet on regular occasions throughout the year, and share the best of our ideas we believe will help improve all areas of our business from customer service, range of products, quality and profitability.

Farmers & producers are also be accepted into the Q Guild providing they have philosophies and practices that meet with our very high standards.

The Q Guild of butchers is over a 100 years old and the knowledge of the trade and skills that are shared by its members are far beyond anything the supermarkets can offer or have in their butchery skills locker. We have experts of all types such as bacon makers, sausage makers, pie makers, ready meals and so on and so on.

I recently heard that one supermarket has put sausage machines in all their stores just for show; this is so the public subliminally thinks they make their own sausages. Nice when you can afford to do that; the machines are £2-3000. If only Q guild butchers had that sort of money to waste!

Q guild members may not have the financial clout of the supermarkets but we do provide a quality way above that of the supermarkets and you will always recieve a friendly smile and a helpful style with lots of product knowledge on offer from our staff.

  • June 15th, 2013