Bird in a Bird – Turkey, duck, chicken – Approx 6 kilo


The meat is rich and moist, the fat produced makes the ultimate roast potatoes. These set the standard by which others are judged. Standards of husbandry and are second to none.


Our ‘Bird in a birds’ (BIB’s) are unique in the way we prepare and dress them; we have developed our own style of butchering with this amazing product as we wanted to ensure that our customers still had the drama of the ‘bird’ centre table whilst enabling cooking & carving uncomplicated.

Walters turkeys are a family run farm on the Berkshire Downs and they produce one of the very best turkeys in the UK; Walters Farm are members of the ‘Traditional farm fresh turkey association’ and the soil association. Our customers are always impressed by the flavour, texture and quality of our excellent turkeys.

So whether you want one of our Bird in a bird (BIB’s), a boned & rolled breast, a crown or a traditional turkey you can be sure the quality is unquestionable and your family & friends will be served the very best UK farming has to offer.

TOP TIP: Always follow the cooking advice provided with every turkey

Bird in a Bird Turkey/duck/chicken £99.99

TOP TIP: Follow the instructions provided with the bird in a bird

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