Shin Of Beef 1 kilo



Shin of beef is beautiful when casseroled in the slow cooker; the meat,  one cooked, will melt in your mouth. Adding to this we dry age our beef traditionally so that the beef reaches maximum maturity ensuring tenderness and flavour. All our beef is grass fed.

Shin of beef 1 kilo £10.99

TOP TIP: Too make a nice casserole take 1 kilo of shin of beef, 10 shallots diced, 1 ltr beef stock, 5 large potatoes diced, 500 grams carrots diced, 2 whole chilli (do not cut the chilli up but put them in the pot whole), half a cup of red wine, green beans. just place it all in the pot and simmer in your slow cooker all day and when you come home, Yum!

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