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The perfect pies are at Chadwick’s

Chadwick’s Butchers are known as the home of the ‘Hobbit Pie’ due to our connection with the Block Buster film ‘Lord of the ring’. When the film was released in theUKwe provided the premier party with 500 pies and the BBC termed them Hobbit pies and ever since then we have been known as the home of the hobbit pie! I love making pies and so does jenny; i have made it a personal crusade to creat the best pies in London with proper fillings and no corners cut. I hate pies that lack filling, flavour or a lovely pastry which is why i have made all the individual pies 1lb.

We have many pies and we have based our ingredients on simple traditional fillings, our pies can be easily heated either in the microwave for a few minutes but better cooked in the oven for 20-25 minutes at around 160-170 degrees. The pies are absolutely yummy and in my view are the best inLondon. The best way to remove the pies from the foil once cooked is to tear of the foil; you will find a cut on the lip of the foil tin.

‘The Original Hobbit Pies’

1lb Steak & Red Wine – made with steak & red wine, stock, sea salt, pepper, herbs

1lb Steak & Guinness – made with steak & Guinness, stock, sea salt, pepper, herbs

1lb Chicken & Leek – made with leeks, chicken thigh, stock, sea salt, pepper, herbs and a béchamel sauce.

The New range of ‘Hobbit Pies’

1lb Meat and Potato – potatoes, carrots, stock, sea salt, pepper, mixed spice, onion, mince beef

1lb Chicken & Bacon – Chicken thigh, stock, dry cure bacon, sea salt, pepper, herbs & béchamel sauce.

1lb Chicken & Chorizo – Chicken thigh, stock, chorizo, sea salt, white pepper, herbs & béchamel sauce

1lb Steak & Mushroom – Steak, mushrooms, stock, sea salt, pepper & herbs

1lb Mince Beef & Onion – 100% mince beef, stock, onions, sea salt, pepper

All the Hobbit Pies are made with a cold pastry bottom and a puff pastry top and will serve 1-2 people depending on your appetite. Family size pies are available.

  • January 10th, 2013