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Our Team’s Philosophy


The Chadwick team is a friendly family and we  are committed to reducing our carbon footprint which is why we only work with regenerative farms such as Somerleyton farm in Norfolk. 

Our Livestock has a negative carbon footprint as the husbandry used includes re-wilding the land.

This means that mono-crops are gone and multi-species crops are in.

Ploughing is a thing of the past and land is naturally fertilised; therefore, the eco-system thrives from the birds & the bees to the millipedes and microbes.

Animals roam freely; graze all year round and become a natural part of the environment. The net effect is ‘negative carbon livestock’ that draws down more carbon than it produces.

That’s not all, there are huge health benefits as the meat is high in vitamins, and minerals.

 Our lamb contains all 9 amino acids, can improve exercise performance and help fight diabetes.

Our Beef, full of B12, is great for the heart, helps reduce cholesterol, can help improve concentration whilst boosting your immune system.

Game is full of omega 3, good for your cardiovascular system. 

Pork helps optimise hormone production and defend against oxidative stress.

Our organic chicken is great for strengthening your bones, weight management and helps build muscle. 

Finally, our artisan sausages & bacon are packed full of magic. Great for skin health

So there you have it; eat healthy; eat right. 

Here at Chadwicks we only source the best. 

Help the planet.

Farmer not Pharma.

We are not just a team we are a team of friends and if you can’t see what you need just call us or pop-in and see us and we will do our very best to meet your requirements.

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