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Rose Veal a new way of thinking?

Veal has and will always be an issue for some people; however, we at Chadwick’s have took the decision to sell this marvellous product. Historically veal was banned in this country due to the public outcry of calves being taken from their mothers and killed for meat. However, the issue you have now is that male calves are unsuitable to be grown for beef, and as they are male, they cannot become diary cows like their sisters. This means they are shot at 24 to 48 hours old!

This is a needless waste of animal life nevertheless we can change this by supporting the product of rose veal. The animals are slaughtered between the age of 11-12 months old and are supported by the RSPCA and ‘Compassion in World Farming’ who have given the veal an ethical stamp of approval. We do not complain when supermarkets slaughter chickens after 2 weeks or pigs after 4-5 months. When you compare the said animals with the age of the Rose veal at 11 months plus, the calf appears almost old aged!

Rose veal is far more substantial in protein and flavour than the milky white foreign veal which is slaughtered at a much younger age and not fed solids so as not to change the colour of the meat. We will all help small British farmers by supporting and enjoying this product and stop the needless slaughter of young male calves just out of the womb.

  • February 23rd, 2013