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Butchery Classes at Chadwicks

Why not become a student in one of our Butchery classes at Chadwick’s butchers at 109 Balham high road, Balham, London SW12.

The butchery classes are led by Mr Chadwick who has worked in the industry for 35 years and is one of a few master butchers left in the country. The student will be learning from some of the best award winning butchers possible. This is a fun night out where you can learn more about food than you would think possible. Our butchery classes make a great gift for Christmas or birthdays and is ideal for group bookings. Each of the butchery classes will focus on a different carcass and will last for approx 3 1/2 hours. The butchery classes are on Tuesday to Friday from 7pm until 10:30pm. The students will be in small groups so we can afford to give you a more intense learning experience.

Each student will learn about Chadwick’s butchers, our history and how we operate and why. The student will learn about the different parts of the animal and how they are best cooked and utilised. We will discuss together why the meat we sell is far superior in quality to that of the supermarkets, the breeds we use and how we ensure we maximise tenderness & flavour using the ageing process.  Each student will gain a greater understanding and respect for the meat they handle including the importance of hygiene. The student will learn about the art of butchering and will get the opportunity to bone and roll a parts of the carcases. The format will be as follows:

  • Introduction to Chadwick’s butchers and the shop
  • Tea and sausage rolls and introduction to each other.
  • Safety first.
  • Demonstration of a Butchering of a species (students will get the opportunity to join in and help cut the animal)
  • A chance to Butcher (each student will butcher cuts from the carcases and prepare them)
  • Clean down & Summary
  • Feast Time (our meaty recipe of the week and some refreshment of your choice.)

At the end of the evening you will receive a butchers apron, a joint of meat which the student would have butchered, along with the ingredients for our recipe for that particular cut of meat, and a certificate to show you have successfully completed the course.

There are two levels of butchery classes; the first levels are Lamb, pork, sausages & burgers, and 2 advanced butchery classes on beef and venison/game for all those who have passed the first level courses. The price for a ‘level one’ class is £139.00 and the advanced classes are £199.00.  Please call 0208 7721895 if you wish to book a place on a butchery class, or you can  email and we will call you on receipt of your email; group bookings welcome and will be discounted. All classes are subject to availability and you may have to book well in advance.

The meat you take home will depend on the class; pork class will be pork loin; lamb class will be a double rolled noissette, in the sausage class you will be given some of the sausages and burgers you have made. The advanced classes you will receive a full Dorchester rib or cote de beuof, depending on your preference. And the venison class you will receive a selection of game.

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