Aged Prime Sirloin of Beef boned & rolled 1.2 kilo


Deriving from the loin with slightly less fat content than the rib eye, the rolled sirloin is a very popular roasting joint. Usually served medium rare to retain it’s moisture and flavours. Its rich natural taste is something everyone must experience!


The word ‘sirloin’ derives from an old English word ‘Sirloin’. A commonly-repeated anecdote claims that the name is derived from an occasion when King James 1, of England, while being entertained at Hoghton tower during his return from Scotland in 1617, was so impressed with the quality of his loin steak that he knighted the loin of beef, which was referred to thereafter as ‘Sir loin’. There is no reliable evidence for this explanation therefore, scholars generally hold it to be a myth.

Nevertheless, our rolled sirloin is a very special cut of matured beef that will delight and one that Mr Chadwick himself has on his festive table every year. Your family and friends will enthuse about long after the meal has finished as the flavour and tenderness is unforgettable. The beef comes from Suffolk & Norfolk farms and is one of the very best beef products in the UK. All the animals are naturally farmed and grass fed and free from growth hormones.

TOP TIP: When you think the beef is nearly cooked take out of the oven and keep the foil over it; rest for 15 minutes and your beef will be perfect.

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