Bird in a Bird – Goose, duck, turkey – Approx 6 kilo


The meat is rich and moist, the fat produced makes the ultimate roast potatoes. These set the standard by which others are judged. Standards of husbandry and are second to none.


A bird in a bird is butchered skill fully so that you still have the amazing impact of a large bird on the table. We at Chadwick’s take out the carcass of the main bird, in this case the goose and leave the leg & wing bones in so when we stuff it with the other birds we can tie it to look just like a normal bone-in goose.

Our geese are from the rare breed meat company and are all traditionally grown, dry plucked and hung for 10 days so they are in perfect condition for Christmas day. The Rare breed meat company is run by father & son team Howard & George and have a reputation for traditional farming and traditional animal husbandry.

Bird in a Bird Goose/duck/turkey £119.99

TOP TIP: Raise the goose onto a rack for cooking

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