Butchers Celebration Box £175.00

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The Butchers celebration Box is wonderful collection of prime selected meats; the large free range bronze turkey is from the Walters family farm and are traditionally reared, hung for 10 days and dry plucked to give a very tender juicy & tasty meat.

<li> The cote de boeuf is one of the finest beefs in world; we hang the ribs from mid-november to guarantee that they are perfect for the christmas period. The fillet is larder trimmed to michelin star standard and has undergone a similar dry raging process.

<li>The honey roast hams are cooked and cured on our premises; we cure them for two weeks using a dry cure process then soak them in a vat of ale infused with fresh sage, thyme, garlic and apple. Once the gammon has fused with the flavours we hang them for 10 days to dry out all excess moisture and then we cook them roasting in a sweet honey glaze.

<li> The leg of lamb is from the Berkshire herd and are a nice large leg that has a lovely sweet meat and is so tender.

The Butchers celebration Box £175

5 Kilo Free range bronze Turkey
2 kilo Rib of Beef
2 kilo Leg of Lamb
2 kilo Honey Roast Ham
32 pigs in blankets – 1 kilo bacon streaky – 1 kilo chipolata – 1 kilo back bacon

TOP TIP: To cook the turkey; place in a large oven tin, add half a cup of water and cover with foil. Placing in a hot oven at 180 degrees for half an hour, then reduce temperature to 150-160 degrees for a further 3 – 3.5 hours depending on your oven. Check times in your leaflet provided

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