Butchers Festival Table Box £159.99

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The butchers celebration hamper has everything you need for the festive holiday including your leg of lamb for New year.



The Butchers festival hamper will provide you with a feast of amazing products with flavour, texture and tenderness unrivalled by any of our competitors.

<li>The free range bronze turkey  is from the Walters family farm and is game hung for 10 days and dry plucked to ensure your special bird delights all your guests.

<li>The cote de boeuf is cut from a grass fed free range beef and is world class in quality and flavour; we start hanging the ribs in mid-november so they are at the peak of tenderness for Christmas and new year.

<li>The honey roast ham is home cooked on the premises; first we cure for two weeks using a dry cure salt, then we soak in a vat of ale infused with sage, thyme, garlic and apple. Once the meat has infused the flavours we hang them for 10 days to make sure any excess moisture is removed.

Butchers Festival Table Box £159.99

6 kilo – Fresh Turkey
2 kilo – Honey Roast Ham
2k cote de boeuf –                                                                                                                                                                2k Leg of Lamb
Beef dripping – 32 pigs in blankets

TOP TIP: When placing the pop-up timer in the turkey breast; make sure when you put the turkey facing outwards towards the oven door so you can see when the pop-up timer activates to tell you your turkey is cooked.

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