Cavendish Barbecue pack

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A barbecue pack that is affordable for all and will fill your mouth with unbelievably great flavours that you will be sure is of the best quality you can buy!


The Cavendish barbecue pack is Ideal for 4-8 people depending on your appetite. All the meats are carefully selected and packed by our expert staff. All the products for our barbecue packs are handmade in-store and great for click & collect.

4 x 175 gram Classic 100% Beef Burger made with Angus beef only
4 x Lemon & Herb Free range Chicken Kebabs 
4 x Lamb Kofta kebabs made with organic lamb
4 x 125 gram Sandwich Steaks made from prime steaks

The Barbecue pack is ideal for small gatherings

TOP TIP: For your barbecue gathering make a spicy rice the night before and if you like your rice hot reheat quickly on a baking tray on the barbecue or in a pot!

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