Flash Fry Beef Steaks 8 for £19.99

£25.99 £19.99

If you are going to have a beef kebab you may as well make it special and these certainly are very special in flavour and tenderness. So Yummy and they cook quickly too!


Flash fry beef steaks are made with fillet tail and sirloin which is why they are so juicy and tender; our beef is direct from the farm and is dry age hung for a minimum 28 days before slicing.

The French garden marinate is so tasty it really brings out the flavour of the fantastically tender beef.

Flash fry beef steak 8 for £19.99

TOP TIP: Make sure the barbecue is nice and hot before cooking; cook on the plate side of the barbecue or place a baking tray on so that you do not over cook. The steak will cook in a couple of minutes.


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