Lean course Mince Beef 1 kilo



Lean mince beef is from selected cuts from the shoulder of the beef; we use chuck beef for our course mince; our beef is from Sussex and is free range & organic grass fed beef of the highest quality which is why it is so tasty.

1 kilo lean minced beef 

TOP TIP: When I was a boy in Liverpool we use to have a dish called ‘scouse’; you could always tell when someone had scouse cooking by the smell. The name of the dish gave us our nickname ‘Scoucers’. To make ‘scouse’ take 5 large onions, 4 large carrots 4 Lb of potatoes 1 kilo of mince,  1 litre beef stock. Chop all ingredients and cook for 3 hours. Serve with pickled red cabbage.


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