‘Sunday Roast’ Box


The Sunday roast box for the busy families that may find a visit to the local butchers difficult due to family commitments and a busy work schedule. The Independent Newspaper survey on organic chickens; gave Childhay top marks. “A classic roast chicken with really sweet, juicy breast meat. Legs are richly flavoured, somewhat like duck.” reference: home to roast by Christopher Hirst March 19th 2011.


2.5 kilo boneless pork loin joint
Chadwick’s Bramley apple sauce 200g
Whole organic chicken
Chadwick’s Fresh Sage & onion stuffing 200g
Wing rib rib 2.5 kilo
Chadwick’s hot horse radish sauce 275g
Carvery leg of lamb 2.5 kilo
Chadwick’s Mint sauce 205g

TOP TIP: A great way to see if your chicken is cooked is to take a fork and prick it in-between the wing and the breast. If the juices are clear the organic chicken is cooked; if it is cloudy it needs more time.

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