Party Barbecue pack



All our burgers and sausages are handmade in-store by our skilled butchers; the steak burgers are made with fillet & sirloin steak whilst all the sausages are made with shoulder pork, fresh herbs & spices and salt & pepper.  Unlike the supermarkets we can guarantee that the meat in our sausages & burgers really does go from the ‘farm to the fork’ . All our burgers & sausages are gluten free.

12 x Gourmet Beef Steak Burgers 175 grams (gluten free)

12 x Gourmet Burgers 125 grams each (gluten free)

48 x Lincolnshire sausages


TOP TIP: If you are partying late into the evening; why not start with the burgers and save the sausages until later when your guests are hungry again?

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