Unsmoked Streaky Bacon-Rind on 500 gram pack


You really won’t believe streaky bacon can taste this good. It has a superb firm texture and phenomenal flavour – really meaty, unsalty and mild with no sharpness or aftertaste. It cooks beautifully too, with no white residue and the colour is pale and natural because we use no nitrates in the curing process. It tastes fantastic hot or cold (ideal for salads), but be warned – it is incredibly more-ish and one slice is never enough.


Our unsmoked streaky bacon is ‘rind-on’ and a dry cure product. The pork used for our bacon is carefully selected from our farms to ensure consistency in flavour and size. The bacon does not shrink when cooked like wet cure bacon. Wet cure bacon is soaked in large vats of brine and therefore swells in size. Dry cure, on the other hand, is rubbed in a selection of salts and loses moisture which is why it will not shrink.

TOP TIP: Why not add a bit of unsmoked streaky to your stew? Add three or four slices cut up rind removed and you will enhance the flavour of any stew.

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