The Winter Pack-Butcher choice


Your  local family butcher presents our popular ‘Winter pack’. This is a favourite of our customers as it fulfils many of the needs of the family over a week or two. The Winter pack is a pack you know will satisfy those hungry mouths on a chilly winters day or night. Within the family butcher winter pack you have chicken Kiev are made on the premises with free range chicken breast and the pork chops are from Gloucester Old spot breed. The beef mince is made from 100% pure rare breed beef and has a 5-10% fat content.


6 x 9 oz Gloucester old Spot Pork Chops
6 Free range Chicken fillets form Packington’s farm
8 Londoner Thick Pork Sausage
500 grams Drycured Back Bacon made from Gloucester old Spot Pork
500grams of Lean Minced Beef
6 Home-made chicken Kiev with mozzarella cheese & Sun-dried tomato made from a free range chicken fillet
6 organic eggs (only when collecting from shop or local delivery)
1.6-1.7 kilo Free range Whole Chicken

TOP TIP: To make the perfect mash use either maris piper or king Edward potatoes (generally white potatoes); boil for 15-20 minutes adding a teaspoon of salt when you start. Check a potato with a fork to see if they are soft enough. You do not want them crumbling or they will hold too much water on draining. Once the potatoes are drained place in a bowl and not the pan; add black pepper, ground rosemary to taste, 1-2 ounce of butter and a quarter of a cup of milk depending on how many potatoes you are cooking. Mash vigorously until all the ingredients are well mixed. if you use a large spoon to turn the potatoes making sure you get all the mix from the bottom and mash again you will avoid lumpy mash which is why you use a bowl.

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