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Kebab cooking tips

Kebabs are great on a barbecue and you can be inventive when making them.

Chicken breast, bacon, peppers and mushrooms sprinkled with mixed spice flavour well together. Cut the chicken breast into inch square cubes and wrap with streaky bacon. Place a wrapped chicken cube then some red yellow or green pepper cube then another chicken cube then a button mushroom and so on; then sprinkle lightly with mixed spice.  Use mixed coloured peppers and you will add real colour to your kebabs.

When making lamb kebabs you can use shoulder or neck fillet for a cheaper option, however, for best results use the lamb rump defatted and follow the same process as the chicken and you will have a great kebab.

For best results with beef kebabs you will find that defatted is not only good value but it is also very tender, flavoursome and juicy. Again you can follow the same process as the chicken, however, this time why not use se salt, cracked black peppercorns and finely chopped coriander to coat the kebabs as it will give it a nice balanced peppery taste and you guests will be wowed with your cooking tip ideas.

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