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Butchery Classes Are A Joy To Teach

So the last few months we have been running our Butchery Classes and we have had a great time doing them.

We have had a wonderful response and a lot of interest so I thought I would share with you here on my blog a couple of pictures my daughter took of our classes. So far we have done Lamb Cutting and each pupil has been shown how to cut up a whole lamb right down to how to prepare Lamb Noissette.


Each pupil has been amazing and they have had some wonderful cuts of Lamb to take home with them.
I had a lovely Thank You from one pupil via E Mail Letting me know how much he had enjoyed himself.
Just a quick note to say Thank you for a very interesting and fun evening. An amazing time had by us all. The Lamb Cooked up a treat and I had the great pleasure of telling my wife on numerous occasions “I did that!”. Cannot wait for Level 2! “- David Welch
One of our pupils who was Ambidextrous had some confusion with which hand to use for cutting. We all cut with our right hand and as it turned out he was better off with his Left. Finding out these things about people is so interesting for me. I found it very strange to see someone left handed learning to cut and trying to teach them the wrong way round. Still there are many butchers out there who are left handed and they get on just fine. In the end he done a better job than our butcher Steve did! (Only Joking Steve!)


Each of our pupils have said how much they have enjoyed themselves and have all shown interest in doing another course.
Our courses are £139 per person and last Three Hours. This is so we can go through Health & Safety and make sure you are cutting properly.

Each of our pupils get to take home some wonderful cuts of meat, Their own Chadwick’s Apron and a Certificate to say they completed the course.

We have more classes coming up and I have to say I am really looking forward to them. If you are interested in one of our classes then pop in the shop or give us a call. 020 8772 1895. Alternatively E Mail any enquiries to us here at


Since we launched our new website myself and my daughter (Carlie) have been Tweeting for our Butchers Shop.


This to me was all new and I had a few classes from my daughter to let me know what I should be doing. I have to say the response has been amazing. We have been live on twitter now for 3 weeks and we already have 300+ followers!

Through twitter we have been in contact with a lot of local Business around the Balham Area and even had a small stall at The Balham Bowls Club for The Pop Up Emporium.

We have created some Halloween Spooky Sausages and on Saturday we had Trick Or Treat Day where we handed out little bags of Treats to our Customers children.

All of this I have been posting on Twitter and we have had many ‘Retweets’ and a lot of new interest in the shop. For this I would like to thank all of our followers and ask them to keep on retweeting!

Gary Chadwick

We now sell iberico pork

We have introduced a very special pork from the north of Spain. De Raza pork is from the same pork that is used for Pate Negra and iberico ham; it is exceptional in quality and great for your health as it lowers cholestrol! DeRaza is the leading company in the trade of fresh and cured Iberian meats.grown in the strictest quality control conditions; iberian pork gives a unique flavour and an exceptional tenderness.

Recent scientific tests  have found that the Iberian pork has a high content of oleic acids (monounsaturated fatty acid) in its fats. These monounsaturated fatty acids produce a beneficial effect over cholesterol in the blood promoting an increase of the HDL rate <good cholesterol> and reduce the rate of the aterogenic LDL <bad cholesterol>. Only olive oil has a higher content of oleic acid.

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