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February, 2013

The Horse-meat scandal – We have always had a policy for carcase meat only

At Chadwick’s we do not accept any meats that are not in carcase form which is why we can guarantee that our meat is of the highest quality whether it’s beef, lamb or any other species. Our beef, lamb, chicken and pork all come with a certificate and passport and we can trace it all the way back to […]

The ABC News (Australia) horse meat scandal interview

After reading my blog about the horse meat scandal, ABC Australia requested an interview with me about the subject. They wanted to know the impact on our business and what myself and my customers thought about the subject. Of course being on Australian TV I could ‘let rip’ (sorry about that couldn’t help myself) so I was open […]

Rose Veal a new way of thinking?

Veal has and will always be an issue for some people; however, we at Chadwick’s have took the decision to sell this marvellous product. Historically veal was banned in this country due to the public outcry of calves being taken from their mothers and killed for meat. However, the issue you have now is that male calves […]

Horse Meat not a Health issue!

The FSA and the government have claimed that the current ‘horse meat scandal’ is not a health issue but one of trust! How can they be so sure? For me, this is another government ‘smokescreen’ to protect the FSA and the government from criticism. Why do the government say white when it is clearly black; […]

Watch out for our ‘How to cook the perfect’ range

This year we have introduced a “How to cook the perfect’ range; for instance, how to cook the perfect steak or chop. Every month we will introduce a new leaflet and each leaflet will give you information on how to cook the product, for instance steak,  along with a nice simple recipe for you to […]

Horse Meat

Once again the big meat producers have been found selling horse meat as beef in Findus Lasagne; not 10% or 20% but a 100% horse meat! Findus claim ‘it’s not our fault it’s our supplier’. Sound familiar? Isn’t that what the supermarkets claimed? We as retailers and producers of quality foods have a duty to our customers to […]