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Finally June provides us with some sunshine!

At last we are able to enjoy the great outdoors; The BBQ section has been incredibly busy with lots of people partying outside and enjoying the summer sunshine. Sausages are a must a for any barbecue and as a butcher I am always trying to find a new sausage. I developed the posh-dog which has been a huge success, however, to my horror Marks & Spencer have copied us and introduced their own posh-dog! Cheek! We no its them because they follow us! Perhaps we should block them!.

June is here, The sun isn’t.

The largest hail storm in 171 years is predicted to hit the British shores this Saturday with hail stones the size of cricket balls! The last known hail storm as bad as the one predicted for this weekend was in 1843 when hail stones were so large they created craters FIVE FEET deep across England. Temperatures are expected to rocket to an incredible 91F (32.6C) by Saturday as a swathe of roasting hot air suddenly floods the British isles, with us in the south of the country to expect the most violent thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall starts today and parts of the south are already on flood alert. The really dramatic weather will start on Friday night when Two ‘battling’ weather systems will fight it out over Britain. This can trigger Tornadoes, Fierce winds, enormous hailstorms and potentially deadly lightning strikes. The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning across the UK and warned of major travel disruptions.

This doesn’t bode well for any of us planning a barbecue.

So you’ll be happy to know that all of our barbecue products can also be cooked to perfection in the oven. 🙂

Watch out for those hail stones!

Carlie Welch

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