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Plato’s ‘Ideal State’ or common sense?

Aren’t you? like me fed up of all the claptrap we are hearing about Brexit? It will be a disaster! It will be fantastic! It’s almost impossible not to take sides; what we do have to remember is that it is simply a clash of ideals; Plato ‘ ideal state’ must be foremost in our minds; history teaches us you cannot run a country based on ideals alone and a ‘Plato’s state’ approach can only lead to disaster.

I can’t understand how we got to this state today where ideals have become more important than good management and balancing the books. We have been overrun by career politicians who have never done a days work in their lives but who are convinced that they are our saviours and superiors!

Most of these politicians come fresh out of university  bringing with them the ideals they have been indoctrinated with and they are so narrow minded they believe that their way is the only way!  The battle lines become drawn and the scope for argument narrowed! No longer is sensible process and common sense management a practise or consideration. It’s no wonder we have austerity when we have such reckless idealists in places of power. Even the best of them have little or no common sense management skills.

We as the population also have to question our own sanity for allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the sensationalism of the media and the fear created by our politicians on behalf of that media; the sooner we accept that we are human beings the better we will all understand each other.

We have allowed politicians to use education and health service as ping-pong balls to be bounced around increasing budgets, cutting budgets, introducing new ways of education that have left children floundering in the real world whilst foreign workers are happy to take away their legacy. In the health service we have seen a successful system be dismantled as everyone now has a title and many consider themselves too important to clean a bedpan. What happened to matrons and auxiliary nurses? No wonder we have MRA stalking our hospitals.

We need to take education and the health service out of the political arena; we need a public debate on how our children should be educated to be British and proud to be British whatever colour or creed; to be competitive so they can be the best at what they are best at, to be able to read between the lines of mainstream media so they can escape the sensationalism, to be academic if they are academic, to be multi-skilled if they are practical and to be technically brilliant if they are so gifted! Politicians are so hell bent on indoctrinating us with their ideals you cannot escape it.

Our hospitals suffer its unbelievable how it has become top heavy with management who take the cream of the money with fat pensions some of us can only dream of. We have surgeons that will do 20 hours a week and work privately and earn the same again. I understand we need to pay our talent but lets put everything in perspective with good management and rewards where rewards are necessary.

Our politicians also need to become human again; we have to accept that they will all make mistakes in their personal life as long as its not a threat to national security and only their marriage then thats none of our business. They should also be allowed the odd ‘pavlovian slip’ without it being used to demonise them for the rest of their career.

Most of all we have to do something about the media and the way they are controlled by billionaires like Murdoch who think they are now in charge and will strategise against governments and individuals. Economies of scale are fine as long as the owner encourages truthful reporting instead of sensationalism and demonisation. Unfortunately too many of our reporters no longer look for the truth they just want to be ‘first’. What a shame!

The beginning of change has to start somewhere and we need to re-balance our society so people can own their homes once again and children education can be free up to honours degrees, the greed has to stop and musicians need to go back to being musicians, comedians as comedians, footballers as footballers, teachers as teachers and not politicians; manage what you have, manage it well and don’t be greedy! don’t watch your bank balance go up then tell the general population how they should be managed and what they should do with their money. Sorry, bit of a rant, but I cannot believe we have a society where the rich and famous tell us what our politics should be! Thats for the general population to decide.

I cannot believe just how decided we have become so perhaps Brexit has come at the right time and maybe we will all come to our senses and press the reset button.


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