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Plato’s ‘Ideal State’ or common sense?

Aren’t you? like me fed up of all the claptrap we are hearing about Brexit? It will be a... Read the full article »

At last a Government that cares about tomorrow!!

I whooped with delight when I heard the news that the government was going to introduce a law that... Read the full article »

‘Empire State of Mind’

I always like to support our Public servants as in many cases they get little thanks and are sometimes... Read the full article »

September and already preparing for Christmas.

Its September, Its been the coldest summer in 21 years. Lack of sun this year has made for a... Read the full article »

Finally June provides us with some sunshine!

At last we are able to enjoy the great outdoors; The BBQ section has been incredibly busy with lots... Read the full article »

June is here, The sun isn’t.

The largest hail storm in 171 years is predicted to hit the British shores this Saturday with hail stones... Read the full article »

Halal Meat Scandal

On the discovery that supermarkets and high-street restaurant chains have been serving halal food to unknowing customers Chadwicks would... Read the full article »

Lease hire can be a quagmire of charges!

Since our move, from 208 Balham High Rd to 109 Balham High Rd, money has been in short supply.... Read the full article »

Central government ‘meet’ with butchers!

Chadwick’s Butchers are heavily involved in an organisation called the ‘QGUILD of butchers’. Until now, we have been ignored... Read the full article »


I’m sure we have all seen the NEKnominations on Facebook and other social media sites where people down a... Read the full article »

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