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Central government ‘meet’ with butchers!

Chadwick’s Butchers are heavily involved in an organisation called the ‘QGUILD of butchers’. Until now, we have been ignored politically and our business category has been viewed as a dead sector by those in power.

Although, it’s true that the overall butchers sector has been under pressure for many years; there are many top quality butchers that are more than just surviving. The horse meat scandal and it’s implications have further enhanced our credibility with the public and changed consumer behaviour.

After my work with the Business innovation & skills department (BIS); Politicians are now aware that butchers similar to Chadwick’s in concept are actually in growth and should be encouraged. This is good news for the high street and butchers as more financial incentives may become available from central and local government.

Grants and loans have always been available to the ‘big business’ they also have the ability to exploit the system due to their ability to direct human resource with the click of a finger. For instance, the ‘green gas reduction scheme’ (I can’t remember its correct title) is pretty useless for small businesses as the entry level is too high! Therefore, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and other massive organisations are given huge handouts whilst organisations such as ours get nothing.

We need help to grow, but unfortunately I can assure you despite current positive media reports, the banks are in no hurry to lend us money! For instance, one of my colleagues in surrey wants to move to a larger premises on the high street (he is currently in the village away from the high street). Although, he has the backing of a good accountant who has helped him control his cash flow well and his business is currently in profit; Barclays Bank has refused to loan him the money to facilitate the move.

I myself want to open a new store within the south west area; nevertheless, I know it will be an uphill struggle finding the financial backing.

Nevertheless, there are organisations such as the Frederick’s foundation who will lend money to those that have been turned down by mainstream lenders such as Barclays Bank; however, you will pay a wapping 20 percent interest.

I will do my utmost to help my colleague make his move and grow his business but I can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat. Hopefully, now central government is aware of our sector, they will take notice and find ways to help us create jobs and revive struggling high streets.


I’m sure we have all seen the NEKnominations on Facebook and other social media sites where people down a pint of alcohol and then nominate their friends to do the same within 24 hours. After some devastating effects shown on our news screens about people dying because of NEKnominations Two guys in South Africa decided it was time for a change and created the RAKnomination. The RAK standing for a ‘Random Act Of Kindness’. They challenged a large food chain, Nandos to a RAKnominastion and they responded nominating onwards. At the end of the video you nominate 2 others to do the same and it then carries on. Two weeks ago one of our local estate agents nominated Chadwick’s Butchers for a RAKnomination.

See us being nominated here….

I decided because of the great importance of our produce’s care and husbandry we should so something animal related.

What do butchers have a lot of? Bones!
Who likes Bones? DOGS!

Enter Epsom Canine Rescue Centers dog Tia…

If you can help in any way please contact Epsom Canine Rescue

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