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At last a Government that cares about tomorrow!!

I whooped with delight when I heard the news that the government was going to introduce a law that will ensure future governments will have to save some of our surplus for a rainy day! At last! We have a government of common sense.

If you use the Norwegians as a model, they have hardly spent any of the money they recieved from the north sea oil and their society is the richest in the world. They are the example for all other nations on how to manage a nations assets.

Far too long have we allowed our governments to fritter away our wealth and leave nothing in the pot. How could we have allowed Gordon Brown to sell all our gold at a rock bottom price only for it to rise in price 10 fold only months later?  If we kept that gold we could have sold it now to wipe away our defecit!! How can we teach our children how to save for a rainy day whilst our governments are in ‘spend, spend, spend’ mode?

We may have another opportunity when all the oil and gas starts to be pumped ashore via the Falkland isles. Therefore, we must take any opportunity to become more thrifty as a nation and stop all the infernal waste, mismanagement and greed within our great nation.

Others will say that there are those that go hungry and such saving of assets is ‘scrooge like’ & immoral! Remember, we have food banks and many people live in poverty! I agree we have to deal with all of these issues and it is something we must fix as a nation.

However, it cannot be done over night as we need a culture change to ensure that foodbanks become a thing of the past. Until we get our own children to understand a work ethic is much more satisfying than a benefit ethic; there will be those that claim to suffer whilst smoking fags, feeding pets and drinking beer, playing on a play station, whilst others truly suffer through cruelty, hardship and poverty.

We have to build a society where people can become successful, grow our manufacturing base and reduce our public sectors demand on all our monies. We need our public sector workers, they are important but it’s time to stop the gravy train! 35 hours a week £40-£60k a year, retire in your late forties & early fifties anyone? I do not begrudge anyone such opportunities but they need to be affordable for our children’s children!!

To spend, spend, spend now will store up trouble for thousands tomorrow! I understand that a frugal approach does not help those in real need now; however, we can only truly change our society by careful planning, good management and a society that goes to work. It is the philosophy of feast & famine that has got many of our fellow citizens into poverty in the first place so a strategy of spending wisely and careful planning for the future should be welcomed by all of us in the UK. I don’t mean to ‘Bible Bash’ but remember jacob and the seven years of feast and seven years of famine? I rest my case.

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