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Small Business & red tape

In a recent blog I highlighted the problems we have had as a small business with In a regards to local administration. Many small businesses suffer at the hands of their local authorities who sometimes can be heavy handed when applying ‘the rules’. Revenue collection from small businesses or over-zealous officialdom can sometimes leave ‘us entrepreneur’s’ reeling and focusing our efforts dealing with local politics! I have suffered myself of overzealous local officials who are sometimes heavy handed and without compromise. They fail to see the bigger picture and are unable to use common-sense which can be very frustrating for business entrepreneurs.

Recently I have been working with the Business innovations & skills department (BIS) and I have been very impressed with the aims and approach of the people who work there. They are hell bent on helping small businesses by cutting red tape and making it easier for small businesses to flourish . The experience has been a great incite into how central government works and I have been lucky enough to not only meet the girls and guys that make the department tick but also I have met Lord Curry, who has a wealth of experience in my field and the Right Honorable Vince Cable the business secretary. Both of whom were very interested in what I had to say as was the rest of the BIS team.

BIS Exhibition

It warms my heart to see what is happening within government as it is my believe that we are moving in the right direction and makes me not only excited about the future of my business but also gives me the confidence to grow and invest in the future. I am determined to give the BIS team as much of my time as they need as the future of my trade and small businesses could depend on it. We forget that we all play a vital role not just in our local communities but also in the ‘British community’ and if we can do anything to allow our ‘little acorns’ to flourish then we are planning a great future for our communities, our children and our nation.



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