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Halal Meat Scandal

On the discovery that supermarkets and high-street restaurant chains have been serving halal food to unknowing customers Chadwicks would like to make it clear that our meat is not Halal.

Living and working in such a diverse part of London I still find it difficult to understand why companies feel its OK to swap traditional meats for halal.
It’s not that we disagree with anyone’s religion or their culture, but to us, knowing exactly where your food comes from is an absolute priority. All our animals have passports and dates of slaughter. It is not exceptable that companies such as Subway and Pizza Express have made such a change without first consulting their customers or even giving them the choice of non-halal or Halal meat. I feel this could ostracize minority groups within our community and it gives the British public more reason to declare war on multiculturalism. The source of the alarm is the concern for animal welfare, as non-Muslims worry that they are inadvertently eating meat whose passage from farm to plate has involved needless cruelty. This is not always the case but it is the best for you and for your family to know exactly how, when and where your food has been slaughtered and what methods were used.

Our traditional British methods are of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what we are selling to our customers and would never dream of swapping that without first consulting them. By all means please do sell something for everyone but have them separated and have the customer choose what they would like to eat. This is not something we would do in store as we consider ourselves a traditional British butchers shop but if it was requested halal meat is something we can order in.

Animal welfare and husbandry is of the utmost importance to us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Carlie Welch

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